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What Are the Most Common Types of Foothills Land for Sale?

Foothills land for sale can come in many forms, with different types of listings popping up on the market daily. While most people might have the misconception that there is only a certain type of property available in the Foothills, that’s just not the case! Below, we’re going to outline some of the most common types of properties for sale in the Foothills and what you might love about each of them.

Farmland/Acreages: With well over a hundred years of agricultural heritage, the Foothills has farmland in abundance! Whether you’re simply looking for a few acres to give you some much needed space and breathing room, like an Okotoks acreage, a small hobby farm to keep you active in the fresh air, or a full-fledged farm and ranch life, the Foothills has a constantly changing list of potential homes. To receive a hotlist of acreages and Foothills land for sale, contact Real Estate Foothills to get on our mailing list!

Cottages in Wooded Areas: Being at the base of the Rocky Mountains means the Foothills has a variety of flat land, rolling foothills and wooded areas. Many acreages give owners their own private forest, and many have cottages and homes nestled in those protective trees. Okotoks acreages are hot spots for beautiful land with treed areas — contact us at Real Estate Foothills for a full list of Okotoks acreages for sale!

Access to Water: Whether you’re lucky enough to find waterfront or lakefront property, or simply have direct access to lakes and rivers mere minutes away, you can indulge in water activities at your leisure! This allows you and your family to experience all aspects of Mother Nature, and enjoy water sports like kayaking, paddle boarding or canoeing spontaneously!

Jovette Morin-Ferguson of Real Estate Foothills is the expert in acreages and Foothills land for sale — contact Jovette at or (403) 660-3612 to explore all your options!

Okotoks Real Estate – What You Need to Know

There’s a reason Okotoks real estate is in such high demand — having great communities, employing exceptional home builders and being on the cusp of the Foothills means you’re living in a prairie paradise. This paradise even has a full scoop of amenities, with Calgary’s big city perks just a short drive north. The perfect medium-sized community, Okotoks is ideal for those who want to move from their rural properties to a larger community, or for those moving from a large centre who are looking to slow the pace of their life down a little bit. So, if you’ve been bitten by the bug, here’s what we think you need to know about Okotoks real estate in October of 2018!

The average price for Okotoks real estate in September of 2018 was $493,000, as homes come on good-sized lots with tons of upgrades and perks inside (like higher-end finishes and fully developed basements). But the upgrades and perks to your home aren’t just inside — spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains and rolling Foothills are very easy on the eyes. The average sold price, in September, is up 12.5%, with most homes sold being single-family, detached dwellings — classic single-family homes.

There are plenty of options for Okotoks real estate; as of October 9th, there were 85 new listings on the market, meaning buyers have their choice of home styles, whether they’re looking for new builds or more classic existing properties. The amount of inventory on the market means buyers aren’t faced with giving up items on their “Must Have” lists — one can find listings with any number of bathrooms and bedrooms (from one bedroom up to as many as six), and any amount of square footage.

If you have questions about finding the right piece of property, or assessing the value of your current home, feel free to reach out to Jovette Morin-Ferguson at or (403) 660-3612 — I’m an award-winning real estate agent, specializing in the Alberta Foothills!

Making the Big Move — Calgary Acreages for Sale

There is a place in the back of everyone’s mind where they dream about buying a home away from the hustle and bustle of it all. Calgary acreages provide peace, quiet, space to breathe and, of course, unparalleled views of the Alberta Foothills. But how can you know if trading in the convenience of city life for the solitude of a Calgary acreage is right for you? Here are three questions to ask yourself before you decide to start looking for your new dream Calgary acreage for sale.

1. How nice does the home have to be to justify the commute? When you move to a Calgary acreage, you get a lot of perks, but one of them is certainly not the commute. It can add from 20 to 40 minutes to your drive into downtown Calgary each day. If, in your mind, your Calgary acreage must be turnkey to justify that kind of commute, know that you are going to have to be realistic — very realistic — about your budget.

2. How might it affect your social life? If you’re a homebody by nature, looking at Calgary acreages for sale might be a dream come true. But even if you go out to dinner with friends once a month, the distance you have to travel might hamper those outings. Additionally, if you love to host friends and family on weekends and holidays, keep in mind that people might be less inclined to make the trek out to your place — unless you’re willing to host them overnight!

3. Do you know what rural really means? Some people forget that Calgary acreages don’t always come with the amenities that a home in the city does. Most operate on septic tanks, some have spotty or unreliable cell phone and wireless internet service, and some don’t have paved roads or driveways. Certain buyers may not find that rural lifestyle worth the trade.

When considering any new property or home, your best bet is to connect with a trusted Calgary real estate agent who knows the market, but who can also hear your vision and find you your ideal home. For a free home evaluation or to grab a coffee and talk about your needs, call Real Estate Foothills at (403) 660-3612.